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happy b-day Yone!

Aug. 8th, 2009 | 03:45 am
location: yonelandia!
mood: happy happy
music: my way - Q?

Kimi wo happy birthday!! =D
Otanjoubi omedetto Yone-chan! =)!!
Best wishes on your birthday!
(I already ate cake todayXDD even if it was for another reason other than his b-day! sooo let's just say I ate birthday cake haha!)

Is 3:50am here soo me is gonna go sleep
or something like that XD

Yone O.O! ♥

Jul. 30th, 2009 | 02:33 am
location: dreamingland
mood: sleepy sleepy

... Me is gonna whine for a while until she sees the Bpass scans of this pics!
haha cute ...apparently everyone wants to kiss yone-chan

Akun!! lol funny face! aww now I want cake!! guess I'll have to wait till august 30... or not! JA!  lol most of my friends b-days are also in august sooo I'll eat a lot of cakeXD

I think Yone looks very... dan....  Yummmy XD
I really like his hairstyle =P
but mehh I already think he's hot! hahaha

Me is gonna go sleep ...Very very tired!
NIght! =D
...or more like morning -.- (3am here!)


Jun. 3rd, 2009 | 03:46 pm
location: here, there, everywhere
mood: artistic artistic

The titles says it all XD

graphics here *click*Collapse )

Song - Action Drama?

Mar. 22nd, 2009 | 10:34 pm
location: Psychukiranduu
mood: energetic energetic
music: Shinkenger - Psychic Lover

=DD!! Psychic Lover they have a new song!!!... if I'm not wrong its the opening of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger... My brothere says that the 2 episodes he watched were good =P so I guess I'll watch it later beside Aiba Hiroki is the blue ranger... XD yeah another one to my fandom list haha ...

Here is a picture of Project R (special unit for the ranger songs-they change constantly XD *The ones with the silver vest are Psychic Lover (Imajo and Yoffy)* ):

<-- as you can see I took the picture from their web page =p <3!!

Here is the video-song =P:

Aiba HirokiCollapse )


Mar. 8th, 2009 | 10:45 pm
location: In a big room filled with stuff I like ...RIGHT!!! XD
mood: moody moody
music: Inori - kismyft2

I totally forgot that shokura was today... until I open the lj and hello shokura XD
Lol at Daybreaker!! uahahhaha oh good God.... Poor Miyata!!!
Fujiie is such a bully!!! *Goseki was the real bully here... but Fujiie helped XD* throwing Miyachii away XD
hahaha also my honey was trying to dance... it was funny watching him trying to dance!!... he seems quite lost without his guitar =D

Yes I had to start from the Daybreaker performance ~~ now I can go to the Nekketsu! =P

Fujiie vs Tama-chan
They were doing facial expressions!
Fujiie... well he was just making funny faces all along it was funny to watch...
At one point Tama didn't know what to do and look at Fujiie... and did the same as him *points at the 3rd pic*

winner here...hmm I can't remember who was th winner XD  (*in a really low voice* tama-chan)

Yone vs Yokoo
They were doing expression with their body's? haha this was enjoyable to watch as a Yone fan I went in a kyaaaaaa moment lol *to bad my dad is awake... I so wanted to wake him up doing unnecessary screams!! XD I'm such an adorable daughter uahahaha!!!*
Yone was adorable at the Nekketsu!! he is such a dork!! <33 Yone did this cute expression when Koya Fumito call him hahha he is so much love!!!
loled at Yokoo he was just doing as he wanted XD he was dancing all along XD

Jumpy/Happy? Yoneee why so cute??!!
more caps here *Click!!*Collapse )

Question? Concert Pics

Feb. 24th, 2009 | 07:42 pm
location: Q? land
mood: hyper hyper

HIII!!! Well Thais and I have been searching around the internet and we(her)  found some pics of the Valentine Concert!!!.... also other pics from random concert (I really don't know wish which concert)  Well since the pictures were all united by member of the band I had to work a little bit on paint to divide them and put them in a bigger size... in a viewable size XD

soo here they are:

more pics here *CLICK!*Collapse )more pics *CLICK!!*Collapse )

Yody spam *CLICK!!*Collapse )              

mini Yone spam *CLICK!!!*Collapse )

Rescue! (dorama)

Feb. 21st, 2009 | 12:27 am
location: Yusuke's room
mood: mischievous mischievous

Currently watching the first episode of Rescue...
So far good...
*pervert mode!!!* 
Whaa bathroom scene NICE!!! XD
nakiiid hot boys.. O.o
Lol now I feel like some kind of pervert
okay I should stop now... right?
HAHAHa the silent mode celebration!!
... Yusuke is a bit bitchy in this dorama but mehhh I still love him
... MasuMaru they seem adorable in the dorama  fighting for their dreams!! FAITOOO! XD

Im gonna keep watching it ^.^*
Seems interesting.. and besides some of my favorite actors are in it XD

That's my dorama report for today XD

work and more work XD

Feb. 20th, 2009 | 12:27 pm
location: mundo numeros O.o
mood: busy busy
music: Vuelvo - Beto Cuevas

Contabilidad y contabilidad hoy.... >.> y eso q no fue lo que yo estudie.... bueno, estamos llegando en los tiempos de planillas significado voy a estar loca por 2 o 3 meses... probablemente use los CAPS 20mil veces y no va a significar nada mas que estoy usando el peachtree para entrar información... al menos se usar eso aunque sea a medias XD  ... Todavia falta que mi jefe de pacotillas me de trabajo para entrar en excel!! no seas tan lousy y acaba y dame mas trabajos que me reten >.> Don't you know I like challenges?... bueno pero también seria bueno si me explicas si no entiendo algo!  Pues al menos el año y medio que estudie de secretarial no se van por la borda por que aunque sea con el lousy boss que tengo lo estoy poniendo en practica.

Bueno ya me voy... si no, no sigo trabajando y eso no seria nada bueno XD

... primero una foto esta ves me hago el daño con Yamamoto Yusuke XD

.... mis dos chicos juntos O.o SOSPECHOSOOO!!!  ... CAN I BE THE SANDWICH??? XD 


Random stupidity XD

Feb. 19th, 2009 | 03:50 pm
mood: blank blank

Trabajo Trabajo Trabajo eso es lo que hay hoy!! XD
Bueno... I Need Money asi que tengo q seguirle o.o 
... Tengo ganas de hornearrr O.o
... pero que???
a continuación pelea con mi subconciente(lol sorry Angel te cambie ya no eres mi subconciente... pero yo sigo siendo el tuyo XD):
Yo(Y): Un delicioso bizcocho?? Subconciente(s):...hmmm no... hoy no cumple nadie?
Y: Un Flan? hmm que riiicoo caramelo!!!  (s)... Si lo unico q te importa es el dulce no???
(Y)maple cake??? (s).... no habiamos quedado ya q hoy no??
(y)Hmmm Me las daria de repostera pero no tengo horno F*$%#

(s)...Vete a trabajar Y no molestes más!!! ...  (Y) okay okay ya ya >.>!!

Lol q mal me va verdad?
Bueno ya que si no me dejan sin trabajo y esa no era. >.>

... Una foto de Mizuuu(aka Hiro)  solo por mi gusto personal <3!!
Cya All!! <33

Happy Valentine's!!!

Feb. 14th, 2009 | 06:37 pm
location: booooring land
mood: blank blank

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Hope everyone is having a much better day than mine XD